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Art and Clothing by Paulina

    Paulina, born and raised in a small farming town in Central California. Started sewing at the tender age of 10, with her mother’s old sewing machine, which was a gift from her father to her mother when she was born. Sewing came about more as a necessity then a hobby and as a solution to create clothing that fit her tall lengthy body. Her style soon became a hit a school as she started getting custom orders from friends and family. Her passion in life became to dress woman of all body types to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. Artist, designer and digital Textile artist that now incorporates wearable art into day wear and sports wear. Her inspiration comes from her travels, culture, Mexican fine art, family, tradition and personal experiences. For the past 12 years she has made a mark on the fashion industry, as an Art Director designing private label for major brands like Disney Couture, Harley Davidson, Roxy, Oniel, Forever 21, Chico's, Dress Barn and Avenue. Although this has given her an edge on the main stream market, a paycheck isn't as full filling as creating what your heart desires. Freedom of self expression through art is the greatest reward! You can find the collection "Paulina" clothing at various specialty boutiques around the West Coast and at MOLAA Museum Store. Let the show begin! Paulina