Dedicated to you, Frida Kahlo. Art event!

Thank you to all who came out and who are STILL coming in to our "Dedicated to you, Frida Kahlo" Art exhibition. As a reminder we will have the collective art show will be up in our gallery until August 8th. Please call us or check our website for store hours. 

We had a bigger turn out than was expected and received so much love. Please check out the quick write up OC WEEKLY did on our 'little' show we were even trending on SNAPCHAT! 

Thank you to all the artists involved: 

Jesus Nunez

Spanky Loco

James Pelayo

M. Kimberly Sugar

Hortencia Aguirre

Adrian Lopez

Paul Barrientos

Rebecca Ballesteros

Lalo Alcaraz

Annette Cano

Cristian Jimenez

Crystal Dominguez

Pete Placencia

Hector Silva

Cynthia 'Cyn' Altamira

Maricela Avina 

Claudia Morales

Jamie Villegas

Daniela Barajas 

Diana Saez

Manny Torres

Stephanie Varela

Erica Friend

Jon Harguindeguy

Gerardo Ayala

Carlos Nieto III

Pinchi Michi

Brenda Corazon 

Juan Carlos Hernandez

Cheyanne Zarala

Louie Galvez

Nelsy Tailanian 

Cristina Tillotson

Laura Salas 





Until next year and we will be making bigger plans. In the mean time check out our event page for more photos.