Maggie the Service Dog of Uptown Whittier!

Just last week we got to have Maggie the Service Dog of Whittier drop in to Casita Del Pueblo for a visit. Her and her Guardian Paige have become Whittier celebs as they walk around the neighborhood greeting and sharing their story, to all who they come across.It is really a treat to see them both interact with each other and others. Paige told us more about her self and Maggie and their ultimate goals for those in need.

Maggie's guardian is a dog trainer in training, she wishes to train more dogs just like Maggie who will some day provide service and life time love and friendship to people who need them. She is also a very talented crochet artists and crafter. Paige creates blankets, scarves, other crocheted goodies as well as crafty mugs and other specialty items to raise money for expenses and of course to care for Maggie.



If you see this PAWSOME duo take the time to speak with them. There is nothing Maggie would like more than to get to know you.

I am so happy that I got to meet these two warm souls. They have dedicated their lives and time to bettering others, to bringing more light to this world. Go meet Maggie, I promise your day will be much better for it. :)


For more info on Maggie and Paige please follow the links:

IG: Theladymargretofyork