Past Events

Honoring Frida Annual Art Celebration
A group show
July 2015


Featured Artist: Fryda Fernandez, Monique Kim Sugar, Janine Ker, Roger Trivinos, Veronica Verdugo Lomeli, Dolores Haro, Hortencia, Hector Silva, Estefania Gomez, Raul Agurre, Lalo Alcaraz, Ana Alvarado, Miranda Calvin, Paul Barrientos, Alex Reyes, Daisy De La Torre, Angel Acordagoitia, Annette Cano, Robert Garcia

Some Artist Bio's:

Artist: Janine Ker (Hair Sculpture):

My work takes hair away from it's natural physicality through a strategic process that breaks it down, reprocesses and reshapes it into a new means for adornment. As an artist who is also a cosmetologist, my goal is to cause hair to conform to me as a medium, taking it where it has not been before. This particular body of work, titled "Frida's Flowers", explores Frida Kahlo's abilities as a hair stylist and challenged my ability to recreate the flowers she used to adorn herself, using human & synthetic hair.I have been making art (paint, drawing, clay, hair sculpture) for 20 years, reside in La Puente and am currently a full time hair stylist at Salon Aguayo in Pasadena, Ca.

Artist: Veronica Verdugo-Lomeli
Celebrating Life and Death through Art!
I am a Mixed Media painter, I mostly work with acrylics on canvas and wood, print-making and woodburning. Born in Montebello, CA., raised and currently living in west Phoenix, AZ. My art features portraits themed with musicians, folklorico dancers, Dia de los Muertos images and Frida Kahlo inspired art. Most of my work is influenced and inspired from Mexican American heritage and Chicano culture, living in the southwest and its history. Visit for more art and events.

Artist: Robert Garcia

Robert Garcia -Born and raised in South El Monte CA, artist Robert Garcia grew up in a mexican american household. He displayed a talent for the arts at an early age. In high school his teachers taught and incouraged his talent and at home his mother and sister further nurtured his love of art. While attending Rio Hondo Community College he took as many art classes as possible. There is where he met Ada P. Brown and Ron Reeder two professors that taught him to hone in on his skills. Robert draws his inspiration from artists such as Caravaggio, Frida Kahlo, Rembrant and Van Gogh and mixes it with todays pop culture. He will paint on just about any surface whether it be canvas or wood and plastic, whatever catches his attention. Mediums of choice also vary from marker, spray,oil and acrylic.

-Hermosa Tragedia:In painting this piece, I drew inspiration from famous Mexican artist Frida Khalo and her painting "The Broken Column". I attempted to give my interpertation of the constant pain that Khalo endured after sustaining a crippling injury during a trolly accident that gave birth to her own artistic career.



"Poetic Heart"
by Maricela Avina
June 2015
Maricela Aviña was born in Los Angeles, California. She grew up in the city of Bell, in the southeast part of Los Angeles county, with her parents, maternal grandparents and two brothers, and it was there that Maricela began her career as an artist. From a very early age, it was evident that she was unusually creative and had a knack for drawing. At the tender age of eleven she became a published artist when she entered a teen magazine’s drawing contest and was one of three drawings picked for the month of May. It became evident then that she had a gift. She continued to hone her craft and develop her gift as the years went on. Her drawings and sketches became more elaborate and more realistic, and it was all self-taught through sheer determination and passion for her work. It wasn’t until she entered Cerritos College that she received any formal training, and when she did, her art developed a more sophisticated dimension. Her art also branched out into photography and sculpture. She began to vary her subject matter and themes as well. She continued drawing and painting portraits, she began to incorporate surrealism into other works, and she would also experiment with more abstract themes. She was so good, that it was not too long before she became accepted into Otis College of Art and Design where she took her art to the next level. Her time at Otis was a period of tremendous growth. She became highly skilled at painting and working with different media, and now having knowledge of art history and theory, her work became infused with an intellectualism it had previously lacked. While at Otis, she learned to delve into her psyche and found inspiration in matters of death, disease, and decay. This, infused with her interest in traditional Mexican motifs, burlesque, and retro imagery, helped her create her own unique hybrid of self-expression. 

Since then, various clients have commissioned her to paint portraits, create decorative pieces for their homes, or hired her for a photo session. Her work has embellished, brightened, and inspired many lives for several years now. As she continues on her artistic journey, she is always working feverishly on a new project and brimming with ideas. She is always creating and always thinking. Now, she is out in the education field and has taught art to middle school students in the community she grew up in and is currently teaching younger children. As a child, her educational experience provided insufficient instruction in the arts, so she hopes to fill this gap in her community by providing the art instruction that she did not receive.  

With love and dedication, Maricela persistently strives to add to her professional repertoire and challenge her artistic limits. In her view, there is always more to learn and more to conquer. Her creativity and drive continue to flourish and as she continues to grow as a person, an artist, and an educator, the world looks forward to seeing what other surprises her journey will unveil.